Design philosophy

Integration of Art and Design in Space Creation

 There are a number of different aspects to be considered in landscape design, such as history, geology, topography, and the community of a region. We Respect GENIUS LOCI (= Spirit of Place) of the site at the conceptual design stage, andwork to enhance the special character of the land.

Our main approach is to design and visualise natural energy, such as light (fire), wind, water and the earth, which are the basic 3-dimentional elements of landscape. The space can be an art work by adding 4-dimensional aspects, such as time and memory, that is related to personal experiences, which we can share deep inside one’s mind.


Landscape Design with Japanese Sensitivity

We apply sensitive approach towards nature and sense of beauty in creation of space. Particularly, by interpretation and combining the concept and skills of Japanese traditional garden, we are aiming to explore the new paradigms of the contemporary landscape design.