BAKOKO is an emerging Tokyo architecture practice. Founded in 2009 by Architectural Association (AA) graduates Kayoko Ohtsuki and Alastair Townsend, the office strives to carry out work that is fresh, resourceful, and innovative.

Globally, the biggest challenge clients and architects face is learning to speak a common language. BAKOKO is a multilingual office. Our international viewpoint imparts novel insights and flexibility when sitting down to think with our clients about the core questions they face. In short, our ideas don’t get lost in translation.

Working in Japan is inspirational. Our work is immersed in the meticulous craft, abundant technology, and playful inventiveness we find all around us.

Built on a model of collaboration with entrepreneurs, developers, private clients, and other architects, BAKOKO offers unique design skills that distinguishes our involvement in large to small projects.

Studio Lasso collaborated with BAKOKO on the Forum in Yokohama 2013, the competition for Birmingham Centenary Square in the UK 2014 and the Niigata Seiryo Kindergarten project in 2015 .



NSDA (Noriko Sawayama Design & Associates Ltd.) is a professional design practice based in London (est. 2000) providing comprehensive Interior Design and consulting services for commercial (Hotel, Restaurant, Spa) and residential projects world-wide. Noriko’s design is often described as Elaborate and Contemporary Zen style. Clients also appreciate her skills on space planning, unique design schemes, and bespoke fixture/furniture design, which were based upon her cultural background and extensive study and skills including Interior Design (Diploma), Lighting Design (Msc.) Soft furnishing and decorative paint (BTEC), Space Psychology, Colour Analysis, Flower Arrangement, and Table top coordination. She completed a 1200m² new-built pool house last year, and is currently working on a new-built 1300m² house in London. She also works on a large scale commercial project in Ginza, Tokyo.

Studio Lasso collaborated with NSDA on the private residence project in Ealing 2011,  Forum in Yokohama 2013, and Private residence in Hampstead 2015.

Tamae Rykers Portlait.jpg

zebra prescot

Tamae Rykers, Founding Director & Art Advisor

From Old Masters to Contemporary, from Classicism to Orientalism to Minimalism, Tamae is expertly conversant with the complexity of styles in a historical context, which she interprets and integrates into a distinctive and engaging collection of art. 

Tamae has long associated with the academic and commercial aspects of the art world. Having been bought up in Japan and previously worked in international financial and business advisory in a senior capacity, she understands the dynamics created by cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary interface of quality artworks and the importance of art risk management and proactive stewardship.  Tamae has a particular interest in the subject of art crime and authenticity as well as cultural heritage protection.

Tamae has a master's degree with distinction in Fine & Decorative Art from the University of Manchester at the Sotheby's Institute of Art in London and studied interior design at KLC School of Design.

Studio Lasso collaborated with Tamae on Chelsea Flower Show 2008, private residence in Primrose Hill 2008, Forum in Yokohama 2013 and Special Lesson at the University of Florence in 2015. 


CSPE studio cesena

Marco Antonelli, Camilla Andreucci, Arch. Francesca Praticò

About CSPE:
Centro Studi Progettazione Edilizia (Building Design Study Centre), was founded in Florence in 1975 by Antonio Andreucci, Paolo Felli and Romano Del Nord. In 1999 Giulio Felli and Corrado Lupatelli joined the practice as associates. 
Founded thirty years ago in Florence, CSPE is now one of Italy’s leading architectural practice specialized in healthcare design and facilities for the public sector. Engaged in a wide spectrum of projects, it fosters innovation and supports academic research at national and international level.
Recent projects include some of the major national hospitals such as: Montepulciano Joined Hospitals near Siena, San Giovanni Battista Hospital in Foligno, Meyer Children Hospital in Florence.
CSPE architecture defies easy stylistic definitions and it is characterized by an approach that embraces diversity and create design solutions that are environmentally responsive, innovative and people focused.
Through the years, CSPE projects have received awards for excellence in design from Institutions such as the European Community, World Health Organization, and Unesco.

Studio Lasso collaborated with CSPE studio Cesena on Italian Koi Show 2014.




Battistini Vivai

Giulia Vattistini

Nowadays Battistini nursery is a reliable, international company which works in the wide and more and more competitive nursery business, without loosing those genuine features which distinguish the company:passion and professional competence.
According to the company philosophy each small plant has not got only a price but a value, as well as each customer is “the Customer” with his/her own needs.
Thetechnical assistance Battistini nursery offers is the result of this approach which starts from experience and is centered on the Customer’s personal requirements.
Theaim for the future is to go on growing, without changing the specific identity and learning from the knowledge acquired. Besides the company is continuing the path of innovationof those productive techniques, undertaken with national and international Research Institute and the Universities. All while trying to combine quality, environmental protection and Customer's needs,, both professional companies and small fruit producers.

Studio Lasso collaborated with Battistini Vivai on Italian Koi Show in 2014.